Glass Safety Vision Strip

The increased use of glass in residential and commercial properties has led to more glass related accidents. Horrible injuries result from children or adults accidently crashing through glass, doors or windows. We can produce a patterned vision strip band of your choice or consider purchasing vision strips in generic shapes.

Frosted Glass' New Safety Vision Strip Products

Frosted Glass by Design have created vision strips to reduce the incident of people walking or running through glass doors, ranch sliders and large pane glass. The strips, which are placed in the line of vision, serve to alert people of the glass area without significantly detracting from the view or outlook beyond the glass. Vision strips are affordable, easy to apply and are available in handy, do-it-yourself packs.


At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of safety vision strips. Click on the attached link to view an example of a job we did or for more information contact us via phone and email.