Solar Film

Solar Film serves four important purposes, energy management, glare reduction, UV filtration & exterior visual enhancement. Films come in a range of colours, densities and heat rejection qualities.

Energy Management

For warmer climates, we recommend a film that reflects the sun's heat. This balances the buildings temperature during the day and generates savings of up to one tonne of air conditioning per every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun. For colder climates we recommend an insulating film that reflects up to 30% of indoor heat back into the room.

Glare Reduction

Solar film helps to significantly reduce the amount of glare entering the building. This minimises reflection experienced on computer and television screens and reduces the sensation to squint when facing natural light, ensuring a more comfortable work & home environment.

UV Filtration

UV rays can be reduced by 98% protecting not only occupants from damaging effects of UV but also your stock, window displays, furnishings, carpet, paintings and curtains from fading & deterioration.

Exterior Visual Enhancement

Tinted solar film can also be used to give buildings a clean, contemporary look. There is the added advantage of disguising irregularities normally visible through glass, such as non-uniform internal lighting, curtains, blinds and furniture placement. Available in 'clear', or 'hardly there' shades, it is also suitable for those with a view. Films come in a range of colours, densities and heat rejection qualities.

New Prestige Window Film

Prestige offers a new standard of solar film that metallic films can't match. Until recently, if you requested a solar film you would have had to settle for a film that had a dark tint, or mirror-effect. Prestige solar film has all the benefits of tinted and mirrored solar film - fade protection, glare relief and reduced air conditioning costs but with new benefits. Contact us now for more information.

At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of solar film. Click on the attached link to view an example of a job we did or for more information contact us via phone and email.