Shatter Proof Film

3M Scotchshield Ultra, Safety & Security window film is tough, tear & penetration resistant. Designed to protect both people & property against crime, terrorism, violent weather, earthquakes and accidents- it's a force to be reckoned with.

What Shatter Proof Film Does

Acting as a shield that bonds to the inside of windows, in the event of a sudden impact, the film holds glass together, dramatically reducing the risk of serious injury caused by airborne glass even under direct forces such as bomb blasts & earthquakes.

Tear resistance will also hinder attempts to 'break and enter', a welcome solution for property owners for whom glass is typically the weakest line of defence against intruders.

Scotchshield Shatter Proof Film also offers some protection from the sun.
(refer to fact sheet for details)

Ultra 400 & 600 bomb & earthquake film: Designed to give protection from extreme forces, the film is capable of protecting inhabitants from lethal flying glass in the event of an earthquake, explosion or bomb blast.


>Video Demonstration: Bomb blast WITHOUT Scotchshield

>Video Demonstration: Bomb blast WITH Scotchshield

>Scotchshield Ultra Fact Sheet

SH7 - SH14 Safety & Security Film

The entry level film 'SH7' of the safety & security series, when applied to 3mm annealed glass converts standard glass into 'Grade A' approved safety glass. The NZ Ministry of Education commissioned the application of SH7 on the windows of every school in the country to prevent serious glass related injury.

At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of Shatter-Proof films. Click on the attached link to view an example of a job we did or for more information contact us via phone and email.