Films For Privacy

Creating privacy often results in a loss of natural light. Frosted film overcomes this problem. The sandblasted appearance of the film provides privacy whilst allowing natural light to penetrate the area. As the need for blinds is eliminated, the film can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of the area - the design opportunities are limited and you have have full control.

Internal Offices

Frosted Glass By Design can create privacy for your internal offices, at the same time creating visual interest to your glass/windows. Create privacy in your offices to give employees a comfortable working area.

Meeting Rooms

A high level of privacy is important in meeting rooms to reduce distraction. Create privacy with frosted films so meetings are practical and productive.

Glass Partitions

Frosted Glass by Design can help you apply films to glass partitions, creating privacy and also presenting an opportunity to create visual interest within the area.

High Traffic Areas Such As Street Facing Windows

At Frosted Glass we can help provide privacy for high traffic areas such as street facing windows. We can help you determine how much visibility you want ranging from little to full window frosting.

Consultation Rooms

Like meeting rooms, a high level of privacy is important in consultation rooms to reduce distraction. Create privacy with frosted films so consultaion rooms are practical and productive.


Frosted Glass are experienced and understand the various situations surrounding bathroom privacy. Frosted Glass can provide solutions to all your bathroom privacy needs.

Doctors Surgeries

it is important that firms such as doctors surgeries, physiotherapists and medical examination rooms have high levels of privacy to ensure comfort for the customer.

Back Doors

There is no job to big or small for Frosted Glass. Come up with a unique design or use our design team to apply film and create privacy for your back door.

At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of films for privacy. Click on the attached link to view an example of a job we did or for more information contact us via phone and email.