Graffiti has always been a difficult issue in communities. Repairs, cover ups, replacements can all prove to be costly. Frosted Glass By Design can help provide easier solutions to help prevent and minimise damage caused by graffiti.

Frosted Glass Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti graffiti film provides glass with protection from all forms of graffiti including gouges by sharp objects, tagging and permanent damage caused by glass etching solutions. Anti graffiti film is optically clear and also provides UV protection.

3M Safety SH4 XL

This clear 3M safety and security film is a single layer 100-micron clear abrasion resistant safety and security window film. This is the common film used for graffiti protection on the outside of glass and windows.

If installed by our 3M Licensed installers to 3mm, 4mm and 6mm annealed glass, the glass will meet the "Grade A" impact component requirements of AS/NZ2208:1996 Safety Glazing-Human Impact Considerations.

"The perfect shield from graffiti damage."


At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of Anti-Graffiti film. We are happy to discuss more with you about this product. Feel free to contact us via phone and email.