Di-Noc Architectural Surfaces

Designed for the decoration and refurbishment of architectural surfaces, Di-Noc is an adhesive film that faithfully reproduces natural substrates such as wood, marble, leather, brushed metals, stone, linen, stucco and more.

Many Designs

With over 500 designs in the collection, Di-Noc films offer creative freedom at a substantially reduced cost..

Quick and Easy

Perfect for tight deadlines (applied in much the same way as window films), major transformations can occur overnight with minimal downtime & disruption (quick, no fumes, noise, mess or health and safety issues).

Used on many Surfaces

Di-Noc is perfect for decorating hotels, airports, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, and retail chains. It can be applied to walls (Gib & MDF), cladding/panels (aluminium and other metals), pillars, ceilings, furniture (including Meltica and Formica) and lifts.

Advantage #1

Conformability, Di-Noc also provides the ideal cover for multi faceted and curved objects.

Advantage #2

Excellent resistance to water, dirt, impact and abrasion. It is also flame-retardant and IMO certified for the marine sector. In addition, the 'single colour' series contains anti-bacterial properties properties designed with medical centres, day-care centres and kitchens in mind.

Advantage #3

Di-Noc has an extensive warranty and proven 40 year history in Europe, Asia and the USA.

frosted Di-noc

frosted di-noc 1

frosted di-noc

At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of Di-Noc films. Click on the attached link to view more information on Di-Noc films or contact us via phone and email.