Films For Decoration

A cost effective alternative to etched glass or sandblasted glass, Frosted Glass by Design's films come in an array of shades, densities and colours. Either choose from our extensive range of designs, or use our design team to turn your ideas into reality.

Through creative design and film selection, the possible applications are endless. Choose from our extensive range of designs or bring us a photo that we can enlarge and print directly onto film. Alternatively provide us with a concept and let our design team transform your idea into reality.

Create dynamic entrances

Welcome visitors with your creative vision. Decorate entrances to set your building apart from the rest. Frosted Glass can provide services for commercial buildings and residential complexities.

Modernise Corporate Foyers

Set the mood in your foyer. Frosted Glass can modernise your corporate foyer to express your company personality.

Unique Tool For Promotional Campaign

Frosted Glass can assist you in marketing and promotional activities. Display messages to your target audience creatively through window displays.

Provide Interest To Glass And Internal Walls

Frosted Glass can help you provide interest to glass and internal walls. Cretae visual ambience in interior spaces.

Decorate Shop Windows

Express your brand personality by decorating your shop windows with Frosted Glass. Attract customers and create a positive perception of your shop with a creative display.

Showcase Product Range

Use our variety of films to showcase your products. Frosted Glass understands the importance in producing the right customer experience. We can help you in creating your display.

Present Your Company Vision

Impassion your employees by presenting your company vision throughout internal and external signage. Create effective displays that visually represent your company vision.

window decoration

At Frosted Glass we are experienced applicators of decorative films. Click on one of the attached links to view an example of a job we did or for more information contact us via phone and email.