Create Your Vision with Frosted Glass By Design

At Frosted Glass by Design, we specialise in the innovative design and application of adhesive films on glass surfaces. Bring your building to life by creating an eye catching entrance and reception area, provide visual ambience in internal spaces or use film to create privacy in both the home and office. Available in a range of colours, transparencies, frosted and printable finishes - adhesive film is the ultimate decorating tool.

The increased use of glass has led to more glass related accidents. With our DIY Vision Stirp Kits, you can easily prevent accidents and injuries

Creating privacy often results in a loss of natural light. Frosted film overcomes this problem. The sandblasted appearance of the film provides privacy whilst allowing natural light to penetrate the area

A cost effective alternative to etched glass or sandblasted glass, Frosted Glass by Design's films come in an array of shades, densities and colours